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Effects of Formic Acid on the Chemical State and Morphology of As-synthesized and Annealed ZnO Films
Zinc oxide thin films with various microstructures were grown on substrates by using HCOOH-sols. The reaction mechanism of the sol system was investigated by performing an XPS analysis ofExpand
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Enhancement of the field emission properties of low-temperature-growth multi-wall carbon nanotubes by KrF excimer laser irradiation post-treatment
Abstract Multi-wall carbon nanotube (CNT) films were fabricated by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition at low temperatures (∼ 500 °C). The films when properly post-treated by laser irradiationExpand
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Novel configuration for three-phase hybrid power filter
A novel configuration for the power converter of a three-phase hybrid power filter is proposed in this paper. This power converter uses only a two-arm bridge structure and a DC capacitor. The hybridExpand
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A method of using high-pressure fuel to prepare a carbon material-containing composite material
There is provided a method for use of high-pressure fuel discloses to prepare a composite material containing the carbon material comprising the steps of: placing a substrate (30) in a carbonExpand
Ferroelectric and Fatigue Properties of Conventional and Microwave Sintered Lead Zinc Niobate-Related Ceramics
The ferroelectric and fatigue properties of (1 − x)(PbZn1/3Nb2/3O3) + x(PbZr0.52Ti0.48 O3) (PZNZT) ceramics, sintered using microwave and conventional resistance heating, were investigated usingExpand
Discharge and photo-luminance properties of a parallel plates electron emission lighting device.
The gas discharge and photo-luminance properties of a planar lighting source featuring highly uniform light emission and mercury-free design were studied. The current density-voltage characteristicsExpand
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of the same gas sensor and methods of manufacture
Ein Gassensor (1) umfasst ein Substrat (10), eine Heizschicht (20), eine Isolationsschicht (30) und eine Vielzahl von angebrachten Detektions-Einheiten (40). Die Heizschicht (20) befindet sich aufExpand
Properties of gated single free-standing carbon nanotube with multiple growth sequence
In this paper, we discuss an approach to fabricating a carbon nanotubes (CNTs) gate electrode structure for cold cathode emitter applications. The field emission behavior of the structure was studiedExpand