Chia-Hung Hsiao

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As patients face the possibility of copying and keeping their electronic health records (EHRs) through portable storage media, they will encounter new risks to the protection of their private information. In this study, we propose a method to preserve the privacy and security of patients' portable medical records in portable storage media to avoid any(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate how to digitally sign a content manifest of a presentable clinical document that contains multiple clinical data with presentations. Only one signature is needed for an entire clinical document with multiple data resources, which can reduce the computation time during signing and verifying processes. In the radiology field, a(More)
The integration of medical informatics and e-learning systems could provide many advanced applications including training, knowledge management, telemedicine, etc. Currently, both the domains of e-learning and medical image have sophisticated specifications and standards. It is a great challenge to bring about integration. In this paper, we describe the(More)
This paper demonstrates a pure web-based solution enabling the presentation of scanned pathologic microscopic images on the web. For each slide, an entire specimen is scanned, and a high-resolution digital image (in the order of giga-pixels) is reconstructed. These huge images are then tiled into many 256 x 256-pixel blocks with different resolutions, and(More)
The objective of this study was to develop a method to hide information in a portable electronic health record (PEHR). In compliance with HIPAA guidelines, a hiding function for personal identifiers in a PEHR was implemented by recognizing and hiding techniques. The method emphasizes the feasibility of embedding a hiding function in a PEHR. The hiding(More)
According to Taiwan’s legislation pertaining to the protection of electronic data, the creators of electronic medical records (EMR) are solely responsible for the security of EMR. However, actual implementations that fulfill the security standards and requirements for electronic medical record systems are still lacking. Most EMR created from picture archive(More)
Browser with Rich Internet Application (RIA) Web pages could be a powerful user interface for handling sophisticated data and applications. Then the RIA solutions would be a potential method for viewing and manipulating the most data generated in clinical processes, which can accomplish the main functionalities as general picture archiving and communication(More)
When we use radiation to treat cancer patients, the irradiated volume usually encloses the detectable tumor and any metastatic areas that are thought to be at risk. Usually, in three-dimensional (3D) radiation therapy, we need to define the clinical target volume (CTV), which identifies the areas suspected of containing microscopic metastasis. We can use a(More)