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With the development of information technology and medical technology, medical information has been developed from traditional paper records into electronic medical records, which have now been widely applied. The new-style medical information exchange system “personal health records (PHR)” is gradually developed. PHR is a kind of health records maintained(More)
The speed and convenience of the Internet makes it advantageous to online applications. Basing on the elliptic curve cryptosystem, this study proposes a hierarchical mobile agent framework for handling key management and access control problems between mobile agent and host. It raises the security of key management, and also controls access to distributed(More)
To facilitate the management of patient records, traditional paper-based patient records have been modified into electronic medical records and then into electronic patient records. This study proposes a key management scheme based on Lagrange interpolation formula and hierarchical management structure to make Mobile Agent a more secure and efficient access(More)
Electronic anamnesis is to transform ordinary paper trails to digitally formatted health records, which include the patient’s general information, health status, and follow-ups on chronic diseases. Its main purpose is to let the records could be stored for a longer period of time and could be shared easily across departments and hospitals. Which means(More)
With the progress and the development of information technology, the internal data in medical organizations have become computerized and are further established the medical information system. Moreover, the use of the Internet enhances the information communication as well as affects the development of the medical information system that a lot of medical(More)
With the development of information technology and medical technology, developed countries have been establish organization to set standard for electronic medical records in response to new generation and information on the application, they gradually develop emerging medical information exchange mode, Personal Health Records (PHR). PHR can integrate(More)
Different patient-related information in medical organizations is the primary reference for medical personnel diagnosing, treating, and caring patients. With the rapid development of information technology, paper-based medical records have gradually been changed to electronic forms. However, different medical organizations present individual system(More)
Technologies and their applications related to e-commerce have always been the topic of interests to attract researchers and widely discussed. Among them, the use of the mobile agent in e-commerce is a highly potential technology which has accumulated a lot of interests in recent years. Since the mobile agent has high autonomy and mobility, it can move,(More)