Chia-Hui Cheng

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To evaluate risk and vulnerability in the chemotherapy process using a proactive risk analysis method. Healthcare failure mode and effect analysis (HFMEA) was adopted to identify potential chemotherapy process failures. A multidisciplinary team is formed to identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential failure modes based on a chemotherapy process flowchart.(More)
Diabetes mellitus is the most common chronic disease in the world, and a wide range of drugs, including Chinese herbs, have been evaluated for the treatment of associated metabolic disorders. This study investigated the potential hypoglycemic and renoprotective effects of an extract from the solid-state fermented mycelium of Cordyceps sinensis (CS). We(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Xiao-Yao-San (XYS) is a Chinese medicinal formula for treating anxiety and depression. This study aims to evaluate the use of a room-temperature super-extraction system (RTSES) to extract the major active components of XYS and enhance their psycho-pharmacological effects. METHODS The neuroprotective roles of XYS/RTSES against(More)
It has been reported that medicinal mushrooms might induce different types of immune responses. Anthodia camphorata (A. camphorata) has attracted much attention for its therapeutic effects in treating hepatoma. We tested this anti-tumor effects using immunomodulation of macrophages and extracts of A. camphorata. We evaluated the anti-proliferation effects(More)
In our previous study, a series of novel cyclic cyanoguanidine compounds, eg. 5-substituted 2-cyanoimino-4-imidazodinone and 2-cyanoimino-4- pyrimidinone derivatives have been successfully synthesized and showed remarkable cytotoxicity in several cancer cell lines. In this present study, it is our aim to screen more potential candidates among the cyclic(More)
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