Chia Huang Yen

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Utilizing Marathon-ready cDNA library and a gene-specific primer corresponding to a partial amino acid sequence determined previously, the complete nucleotide sequence for the cDNA of crocalbin, which binds crotoxin (a phospholipase A2) and Ca2+, was obtained by polymerase chain reaction. The open reading frame of the cDNA encodes a novel polypeptide of 315(More)
Crotoxin and other neurotoxic phospholipase A2s exert neurotoxicity by acting primarily at the presynaptic level. Strong binding of crotoxin and several others to synaptic membranes has been demonstrated previously. In this study we used simple chemical cross-linking techniques to identify the neuronal membrane molecules involved in the binding of these(More)
Crotoxin and taipoxin are both neurotoxic phospholipases A2 capable of affecting the presynaptic activity to bring about ultimate blockade of synaptic transmission. The enzymatic activity has generally been considered to be necessary but not sufficient for the blockade. Since many phospholipases A2 with comparable or even higher enzymatic activity are not(More)
Affinity labeling techniques were used to identify the neuronal membrane molecules involved in the binding of taipoxin, a neurotoxic protein with phospholipase A2 activity. After [125I]taipoxin had bound to synaptosomes from guinea pig brain, treatment with disuccinimidyl suberate resulted in the formation of a predominant radioactive conjugate of 60,000(More)
A 45-kDa polypeptide preferentially present in neuronal membranes was previously identified as a subunit of a binding (or receptor) protein for several phospholipase A2 variants with neurotoxicity, including crotoxin, by chemical cross-linking experiments (Yen, C.-H., and Tzeng, M.-C. (1991) Biochemistry 30, 11473-11477). The binding of crotoxin to this(More)
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