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MOTIVATION The Full-text index in Minute space (FM-index) derived from the Burrows-Wheeler transform (BWT) is broadly used for fast string matching in large genomes or a huge set of sequencing reads. Several graphic processing unit (GPU) accelerated aligners based on the FM-index have been proposed recently; however, the construction of the index is still(More)
In the short life cycle era, many companies struggle to survive by increasing their product spectrum to gain more market share. For the pressure of such competitive environment coupled with the difficulty of forecast, the design of products tends to employ the concept of modularity and postponement strategy in supply chain management. In this study, a novel(More)
Decision making in a semistructured or unstructured problem should consist of a combination of solution procedures, probabilistic reasoning, and human judgments. Such processes mostly involve in evaluating multi-objectives or attributes while making decisions. In addition, they are always complied with the decision makers' inward probabil-istic structure,(More)
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