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Mst3, a human Ste20-like protein kinase, has been recently demonstrated to undergo a caspase-mediated cleavage during apoptosis. The proteolytic cleavage of the C-terminus of Mst3 caused nuclear translocation of its kinase domain. This work provides evidence that Mst3 may contain a bipartite-like nuclear localization sequence (NLS) at the C-terminus of its(More)
MOTIVATION The Full-text index in Minute space (FM-index) derived from the Burrows-Wheeler transform (BWT) is broadly used for fast string matching in large genomes or a huge set of sequencing reads. Several graphic processing unit (GPU) accelerated aligners based on the FM-index have been proposed recently; however, the construction of the index is still(More)
Decision making in a semistructured or unstructured problem should consist of a combination of solution procedures, probabilistic reasoning, and human judgments. Such processes mostly involve in evaluating multi-objectives or attributes while making decisions. In addition, they are always complied with the decision makers' inward probabil-istic structure,(More)
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