Chia-Hsing Chen

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This paper describes the applications of the method of fundamental solutions (MFS) as a mesh-free numerical method for the Stokes' first and second problems which prevail in the semi-infinite domain with constant and oscillatory velocity at the boundary in the fluid-mechanics benchmark problems. The time-dependent fundamental solutions for the semi-infinite(More)
This paper develops a novel linear quadratic observer and tracker for the linear sampled data regular system with a direct transmission term from input to output. At the beginning, we use some existing techniques to decompose the singular system into an equivalent regular system which has a direct transmission term from input to output. Then, based on this(More)
This study adopts the interactive web-and broadcast-based 3D software standard " extensible 3D " (X3D) to construct the 3D virtual reality simulation examples for dynamics and fluid mechanics courses. An interactive web-based e-learning platform is shown. The e-learning platform is designed by the problem-based learning (PBL) methodology. Dynamics and Fluid(More)
The discretized quadratic sub-optimal tracker for nonlinear continuous two-dimensional (2-D) systems is newly proposed in this paper. The proposed method provides a novel methodology for indirect digital redesign for nonlinear continuous 2-D systems with a continuous performance index. This includes the following features: (1) the 2-D optimal-linearization(More)
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