Chia-Hsin Cheng

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Scrub typhus is a rickettsial disease transmitted to humans through the bite of chigger mites infected with Orientia tsutsugamushi, and is an endemic disease in Taiwan. To elucidate the molecular epidemiology of O. tsutsugamushi, the complete open reading frame of the 56-kDa type-specific antigen gene sequence of strains isolated from scrub typhus patients(More)
OFDM applied systems are the candidates for the future wireless communications. However, high peak-to-average ratio (PAPR) degrades the system performance. Applying the signal space expansion into the signal selection scheme, PAPR reduction could be implemented in OFDM systems. In this paper, a selected mapping (SLM) applied scheme using signal space(More)
Table. Data and diagnostic test results for 14 imported chikungunya cases, Taiwan, 2006–2009* Case no. Date† Country‡ Days postonset of illness§ Real-time qRT-PCR result, PFU/mL IgM/IgG ELISA¶ IFA titer (IgM + IgG + IgA) Virus strain Virus genotype E1–226 GenBank accession no. 1 2006 Nov 20 Singapore 2, 17 10, ND 0.257/0.090, 3.164/2.010 <10, 640 0611aTw(More)
In this paper, we propose an adaptive particle swarm optimization (APSO) based partial parallel interference cancellation scheme for direct-sequence code-decision multiple access (CDMA) communication system over frequency selective fading channels. However, the partial cancellation tries to reduce the cancellation error in parallel interference cancellation(More)
The paper presents a novel constrained constant modulus (CMA) approach for the blind suppression of multiuser interference in multi-carrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) systems. In this paper, we put forward a novel receiver, which combines CMA blind adaptive multiuser detection with Invasive weed optimization (IWO) for MC-CDMA interference(More)
Europe (8), resident populations in these countries have been exposed to these virus lineages more frequently than populations in Asia, and therefore may have acquired a greater degree of preexisting cross-reactive immunity to pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus. A recent review of human swine infl uenza infections suggests that they may not be uncommon (9),(More)
We report two cases of imported infection in patients who had returned to Taiwan from Singapore: one was coinfected with chikungunya virus and dengue virus type 2, and the other was infected with the same dengue virus. Both viruses were successfully isolated from the coinfected case by using antibody neutralization and a plaque purification technique.
In this paper, we propose a peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction method for an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system by combining the improved genetic algorithm used the partheno-crossover operator (PCGA) with partial transmit sequence (PTS) scheme, called PCGA-PTS. Recently, the genetic algorithm based PTS scheme (GA-PTS) is a(More)