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We have developed a finger-shaped sensor array that provides simultaneous information about the contact forces, microvibrations and thermal fluxes induced by contact with external objects. In this paper, we describe a microprocessor-based signal conditioning and digitizing system for these sensing modalities and its embodiment on a flex-circuit that(More)
The miniaturization of electronic devices is leading to the creation of body-centric wireless communications (BCWCs), in which wireless devices are attached to the human body. In particular, personal healthcare is considered as the biggest potential application. In this paper, we propose a compact wearable dual-mode (on-body and off-body modes) antenna for(More)
Body-Centric Wireless Communications (BCWCs) using wearable wireless devices are received an increasing amount of attention due to wide applications such as medical care system, identification system, smart home and entertainment. In this paper, we proposed a wearable dual-mode (on-/off-body modes) antenna for medical care system. In this paper, electric(More)
—An extended gate ion sensitive field effect transistor with signal interface was presented for continuous monitoring of H +-ion concentrations. The SnO 2 /ITO glass, fabricated by sputtering SnO 2 on the conductive ITO glass, was used as a pH-sensitive membrane of extended gate field effect transistor (EGFET). The signal processing circuits, constructed by(More)
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