Chia-Hao Yang

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BACKGROUND When heat is applied to the skin, it is dissipated due to conductive heat flow in the tissue and the blood. While heat flow has been studied after applying a single heat exposure, the physiology of repeated exposures to local heat has not been well investigated. MATERIAL/METHODS Twenty male and female subjects in the age range of 20-65 years(More)
A designed two-stage electrodialysis system is proposed to concentrate and purify chromate from a low pH electroplating wastewater using monovalent selective electrodialysis membranes. With low pH of the raw water (pH 2.2) in the first stage, chromate was presented as HCrO(4)(-) and monovalent ions (HCrO(4)(-), NH(2)SO(3)(-), Na(+) and Cl(-)) were able to(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies have examined the blood flow of the skin at rest and in response to sustained heat and shown that, in older people and people with diabetes, the skin blood flow response to heat is diminished compared to younger people. It is not sustained heat, however, that usually causes burns; it is a more rapid application of heat. (More)
Learner attention affects learning efficiency. However, in many classes, teachers cannot assess the degree of attention of every student. When a teacher is capable of addressing inattentive students immediately, he can avoid situations in which students are inattentive. Many studies have analyzed student attentiveness by the applying of image detection(More)
Most courses based on distance learning focus on the cognitive domain of learning. Because students are sometimes inattentive or tired, they may neglect the attention goal of learning. This study proposes an autodetection and reinforcement mechanism for the distance-education system based on the reinforcement teaching strategy. If a student is detected to(More)
Distance education coursesmust copewith the difficulties imposed by delivering a class at a distance. Asmost courses only emphasize the cognitive aspects of the class and neglect the course’s effect on the students, this gives no help for reaching the affective domain teaching goals. Especially for younger students, in distance education, when younger(More)
Distance learning is one of the common education methods. Its advantage lies in that the student can learn at anytime or anyplace. However, such a learning mode relies highly on the dependence of the student. Under different environments and conditions, not all the students can be attentive. In this research, an auto-detection system has been designed,(More)