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Context: Web services are emerging technologies that enable application to application communication and reuse of autonomous services over Web. Composition of web services is a concept of integrating individual web services to conduct complex business transactions based on functionality and performance constraints Objective: To satisfy user requirements,(More)
In recent years, video surveillance industry has encountered huge evolution. First, the IP based video cameras are gradually replacing the market share of Closed-circuit television (CCTV). Second, hardware and software based network video record come to market to support more amounts of camera sources. However, pure NVR hardware or software which is(More)
Cloud computing becomes a popular trend in recent years. In the meanwhile, content delivery network has been used for many years to distribute content all over the world. The relation between cloud computing and content delivery network is very interesting. In this paper, we proposed a cloud based content delivery network. This architecture integrates cloud(More)
The development and acceptance pace of Mobile Learning Technologies are increasing rapidly as there are abundant applications for mobile learning technologies in education, from the ability to convey learning modules as well as facilitating learners to communicate and learn "on-the-go". Mobile Learning in Chinese has become to play a role in the attainment(More)
In recent years, the market of mobile device keeps growing dramatically. Apple iPhone and Google Android are the two representatives of this kind of devices. However, the mobile applications of these platforms can only be executed on some specific platforms; these applications are not portable to other platforms. Another kind of application is Web-based(More)
In recent years, NVIDIA proposed a developing platform for GPGPU. They also extended C language to parallel computing language, CUDA. In the meanwhile, the growth of memory capacity inside a computer enhances the feasibility of memory based database. In this paper, a memory database was proposed based on GPU memory. This study focus on how GPU can improve(More)
The simplest method least-significant-bit (LSB) substitution embeds the important data in the least significant bits and introduces small distortion into the pixels of cover image. Many data hiding techniques mainly focused to reduce the distortion of cover image when sensitive data is embedded into the cover image. It also prevents the visual quality(More)
In the tide called Cloud Computing, people move their applications previously running on on-premise servers to the Cloud. However, this migration is not a comfortable trip. Compatibility is a critical issue of the new environment. It is reasonable for the enterprises to decide to move certain portions of their IT infrastructure to the Cloud. And database is(More)