Chia-Feng Chang

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With the popularity of digital camera, digital image processing is getting more important. One of the most common problems in digital photographing is motion blur. The research in solving the problem of motion blur efficiently is called motion deblur. When taking a photograph, the shaking of camera is the reason causing blurred image. The blur process can(More)
Motion Blur is one of the common artifacts in digital photographing. With the population of handheld camera and smart phone, image deblurring becomes an important problem. Richardson-Lucy algorithm is well-known deconvolution algorithm. But the ringing artifacts usually appear while the estimated point spread function is not accurate. In this paper, we(More)
Motion blur is an ill-posed problem which has been addressed for a long time in digital photographing. It usually happens under the circumstance without enough surrounding light. Several methods have been proposed for this problem. However, the ringing is inevitable artifacts arising in the deconvolution stage. To suppress undesirable artifacts,(More)
In this work, a compact transformer-coupled balun bandpass filter is presented. The proposed balun bandpass filter features a compact chip size, and it can be designed according to the desired bandpass response and reference impedance. Specifically, a balun bandpass filter with 3rd-order bandpass response is demonstrated using the silicon-based integrated(More)
The scour is one of the major causes for bridge failure. Scour failure occurs suddenly without prior warning or sign of distress to the bridge. However, there are many challenges to monitor the processes of hydraulic scour, such as measuring equipments are essentially critical, especially during the floods. This paper presents an in-situ scour monitoring(More)
A rapid and efficient tryptic proteolysis approach has been developed by combining graphene with near infrared (NIR)-assisted protein digestion. Based on the unique properties of graphene such as strong absorption ability of electromagnetic radiation over a wide range of wavelengths and excellent thermal conductivity, we developed a novel fast NIR-assisted(More)
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