Chia-Ching Lin

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The purpose of this study was to explore adolescents' perceptions and attitudes regarding the Internet, by gender. Data were collected from 636 high school students in Taiwan. It was found that male adolescents perceived the Internet more as a "toy," while female adolescents perceived the Internet more as a "technology," "tool" or "tour." Results indicated(More)
To acquire a better understanding of the online search strategies that students employ to use the Internet, this study investigated six university students' approaches to Web-based information searches. A new method, called navigation flow map (NFM), is presented that graphically displays the fluid and multilayered relationships between Web navigation and(More)
A graphene lateral spin valve structure with asymmetric contacts is presented for the first time, with enhancement of spin angular momentum absorption in its receiving magnet. The asymmetric device with tunneling barrier only at the injector magnet shows a comparable spin valve signal but lower electrical noises compared to the device with two tunneling(More)
—The stability of conventional constant on-time control buck converter is constrained by the time constant, which is the product of the output capacitor and its equivalent series resistance (ESR). Specialty polymer capacitor which is mostly used as output capacitor for such a consideration although it limits the performance of converter. On the other hand,(More)
—Several variations of a 300-MHz version of the electrically small coax-fed three-dimensional (3D) magnetic EZ antenna were designed and tested. The final version of this low-profile antenna had an electrical size that was 0 437 at 300.96 MHz. Nearly complete matching to the 50-source and high overall efficiency (nearly 100%) were achieved. The measured(More)