Chia-Chi Yeh

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An <i>ordinal tree</i> is an arbitrary rooted tree where the children of each node are ordered. Succinct representations for ordinal trees with efficient query support have been extensively studied. The best previously known result is due to Geary et al. [2004b, pages 1--10]. The number of bits required by their representation for an <i>n</i>-node ordinal(More)
High efficiency white light-emitting diodes with superior color-mixing have been investigated. It is suggested that the patterned remote phosphor structure could improve the uniformity of angular-dependent correlated color temperature (CCT) and achieve high chromatic stability in wider operating current range, as compared to the conventional remote phosphor(More)
Various hints have been proposed to scaffold students. Such hints can be broadly divided into direct hints and indirect hints. On the other hand, individual differences existed among learners. In particular, cognitive styles greatly affect student learning. However, there is a lack of studies to investigate how cognitive styles affect students’ reactions to(More)
A series of four Pt(II) metal complexes with trans-arranged isoquinolinyl azolates have been prepared, [Pt(Lx)2], x = 1-4, (1-4). The associated chelates possess various substituents; namely: one t-butyl (Bu(t)) at the 6-position (L1), two Bu(t) groups at the 5,7-positions (L2), one dip (2,6-di-isopropylphenyl) group at the 6-position (L3), and a single dip(More)
The introduction of the Princeton Shape Benchmark database (PSB) [Shilane et al. 2004] has given rise to extensive research into ways to accurately perform 3D matching. Among the extant methods proposed, the LightField Descriptor (LFD) [Chen et al. 2003] based method currently is the most accurate, but it suffers from a deficiency in on-line matching speed.(More)
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