Chia-Chi Chu

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A new moment computation technique for general lumped circuits with resistor loops is proposed. Using the concept of tearing, a lumped network can be portioned into a spanning tree and several resistor links. The contributions of network moments from each tree and the corresponding links can be determined independently. By combining the conventional moment(More)
We present the global Lanczos algorithm for solving II. PRELIMINARY the RLCG interconnect circuits in this paper. This algorithm Circuits are usually modeled as networks whose branches is an extension of the standard Lanczos algorithm for systems with multi-input multi-output (MIMO). A new matrix Krylov correspond to the circuit elements and whose nodes(More)
An efficient model-order reduction technique for general RLC networks is proposed. The method is extended from the previous projection-base moment matching method with considering both the circuit network and its corresponding adjoint network. By exploring symmetric properties of the MNA formulation, the proposed method needs only one half of the system(More)
We propose the global Arnoldi algorithm for MIMO RLCG interconnect model order reductions. This algorithm is an extension of the standard Arnoldi algorithm for systems with multi-inputs and multi-outputs (MIMO). By employing the congruence transformation with the matrix Krylov subspace, the one-sided projection method can be used to construct a reducedorder(More)