Chia-Cheng Chao

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OBJECTIVE The Health Risk Reminders and Surveillance (HRRS) system was designed to deliver critical abnormal test results of severely ill patients from Laboratory, Radiology, and Pathology departments to physicians within 5 min using cell phone text messages. This paper explores the success of the HRRS system. METHOD This study employed an augmented(More)
Over the past decade, observation medicine has become an important component of emergency medicine. There are several settings in which observation medicine has been useful and valuable.(1) RFID as the patient identification, not only generates the on-line laboratory data and radiology report via hand-held wireless PDA, this RFID system help physician(More)
The formation of well-oriented cylinders with perpendicular morphology for polystyrene-b-polydimethylsiloxane (PS-PDMS) thin films was achieved by spin coating. The self-assembled PS-PDMS nanostructured thin films were used as templates for nanopatterning; the PDMS blocks can be oxidized as silicon oxy carbide microdomains, whereas the PS blocks were(More)
Researches on HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) have shown dramatic evidences to the shift of interaction manners. To achieve well-designed I/O scenario, the use of multimedia technologies is necessary and fundamental. In this paper, an interactive gesture annotation framework was proposed to enhance the communication process. The built-in camera was(More)
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