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Closeness centrality measures the communication efficiency of a specific vertex within a network while the average path length (APL) measures that of the whole network. Since the nature of these two measurements is based on the computation of all-pair shortest path distances, one can perform the breadth-first search method starting at every vertex and(More)
With the exponential growth of the Internet usage, Internet applications are widespread enormously across almost every field, but very few of them actually survive in the market. Among them, the Internet phone service, which has been available since 1995, has fast advanced in terms of offering new value-added services and acquiring an impressive increase in(More)
Pagerank algorithm is a link analysis approach to evaluate the importance of web pages, and there are many techniques to improve the traditional Pagerank algorithm to prevent from the biases of link spamming in recent years. A key challenge for link analysis is to identify the relevance between the original page and the linked page. The importance scores of(More)
In general, the codebook generation for vector quantization emphasizes two major topics: minimizing the distortion error to improve the quality of the reconstructed image and reducing the time cost to enhance the efficiency. LBG is one of the famous codebook generation techniques proposed in recent decades. LBG was widely utilized due to its simplicity.(More)