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Epworth sleepiness scale (ESS) is widely used to evaluate degree of somnolence among Chinese patients with sleep-disordered breathing. Yet no Mandarin-Chinese translation has ever reported its validation data. In this study we translated and validated the ESS into Mandarin Chinese (CESS). We found, in 31 bilingual patients' responses to the CESS and the(More)
According to the long term vision of cloud computing, the cloud service gradually becomes a utility just like water, electricity, and telecommunication. Although the cloud service is supposed to greatly improve today's IT delivery model and offer potential benefits to customers by the saving of capital and operational expenditure and the greater flexibility(More)
As the cloud market is growing fast and more and more enterprises are moving their services to the cloud, assurance of cloud service quality becomes one of the key success factors of cloud business. Due to the dynamic nature of the cloud, it's more complicated to manage and guarantee quality level in the cloud than that in the telecommunication. In order to(More)
OBJECTIVE The integrated prospective payment program (IPP), which encourages the integrated care of mechanically ventilated patients in order to reduce the heavy utilization of high-cost ICUs, has been implemented by Taiwan's Bureau of National Health Insurance since July 2000. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of this program on weaning,(More)
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