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A total of 890 fish were examined for the bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) caught by the Taiwanese offshore longline fishing vessels from the tropical western Pacific and in November-December 1999. The sex ratio was about 1:1 but males became predominant at sizes larger than 146 cm (fork length). Based on histological characters of ovaries, spawning occurred(More)
Introduction For decades skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis, the main target species of the tuna purse seiners, has contributed about 70% to the total annual purse seine catch in the western Pacific Ocean. Collection of length frequency and other biological data information from this important species is an essential element in assessing this stock. The(More)
The population dynamics of the blue marlin Makaira nigricans stock in the Pacific Ocean were estimated for 1971–2011 using a fully integrated length-based, age-, and sex-structured model. Fishery-specific catch, size composition, and catch-per-unit of effort were used in the modeling as likelihood components. Estimated dynamics were consistent with a stock(More)
Crustaceans play an important role in marine ecosystem and worldwide fisheries. Accurate and quantitative description of growth is crucial in modelling the demographics and fisheries stock assessment. The stepwise growth as a result of the moulting process and the lack of permanent calcified structures make the traditional approaches developed for finfish(More)
Striped Marlin is a highly migratory species distributed throughout tropical and temperate waters in the North Pacific Ocean. The habitat characteristics of Striped Marlin in the western and central North Pacific Ocean were examined using generalized additive models by modelling fishery catch-rates as a function of remotely-sensed environmental covariates,(More)
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