Chi-haur Wu

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In comparison with robot manipulators, primate limbs excel robots in facile movements requiring compliance control. Based on this fact, this paper will extend our findings in modeling the muscle-reflex mechanism of primate limbs to robotic control. After some salient properties of the neuromuscular system were identified, a neuromuscular-like model that can(More)
We previously proposed a general algorithm for coordinating the motions among multiple machines in a shared assembly environment based on a constant-speed motion model. In this paper, we extend this work to a minimum-jerk polynomial motion model and describe a new speed-planning algorithm to plan automated assembly machines' motions. Machines are planned(More)
Research Interest: 1) Solar-powered (or battery-powered) electrical motor-driven vehicles. 2) Muscle compliant control for computer assisted surgical robot and rehabilitation robot. 3) Intelligent product assembly manufacturing. 4) Tele-manipulation and sensing control. 5) Human augmentation control for hoist and material handling applications. 6)(More)
A method for leveraging a communication protocol called Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for workcell automation and integration is presented. By leveraging UPnP for automation equipment, a workcell can potentially be built in a modular manner whereby the modules can be easily replaced, reused, or upgraded over time with minimal re-engineering of a workcell.(More)