Chi Zhongxian

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An Intrusion detection algorithm based on an improved ART-2 Neural Networks is proposed in this paper. Based on traditional ART-2 neural networks, a prepositive matching system and an amplitude analysis procedure are employed. The prepositive matching system is employed to hasten the pattern matching and provide stable clustering while training the ANN. It(More)
Position based routing methods can construct effective routes; however, in some topologies with obstacles, such algorithms may end in failure. In order to avoid stationary obstacles, this paper presents a Voronoi-trajectory based hybrid routing (VTBR) algorithm that combines both proactive and reactive routing strategies to provide high routing performance.(More)
The clustering scheme is used to configuring Ad Hoc networks, so the performance of this structure needs to evaluate specially for reliability. In order to solve the problem on s-t reliability of clustered Ad hoc networks, a new formula is proposed in this paper. Based on certain clustering algorithm, a concept of breviary graph is presented to divide the(More)
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