Chi-Yun Liu

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Nowadays, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies are exploring a wide range of services such as freeway management, crash prevention & safety, driver assistance, and infotainment of drivers and/or passengers. In this paper, an agile urban parking recommendation service for vehicular intelligent guiding system is designed to facilitate(More)
Recently, with the advantages of peer tutoring, robot for education usage has been the new trend for new generation leaning technology. Robot is not only a toy, but also your learning partner. We considered integrating speech, position information and 3G cell phone to realize a highly-interactive learning platform.Teachers can design different scene with(More)
Silicon nanowire-based biosensors have been identified as a promising biosensing technology. However, it suffers from the interface signal process to be applied into applications. In this paper, we utilize a readout circuit to directly transfer the signal obtained from a Si nanowire based sensing device into digital format. Based on the experimental(More)
The goal of image co-segmentation is to segment the same or similar objects from a set of images. Unlike traditional methods, we propose a matching based algorithm to achieve this goal. Our method contains two phases. In the first phase, we use a matching algorithm to jointly estimate initial foreground labels of the input images. In the next phase, the(More)
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