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Nyberg and Ruppel first proposed a signature scheme with message recovery based on DSA in 1993, and the authenticated encryption scheme is a special application of their scheme. Afterward, there are many papers proposed about the authenticated encryption schemes. The signature scheme can reduce the transmitted cost, because the message has been contained in(More)
In 1998, Dwork et al. first proposed an application of zeroknowledge, deniable authentication protocol. Thereafter, there were many researches about the deniable authentication schemes. In 2004, Shao demonstrated out that the previous schemes had a common weakness in which any third party can impersonate the intended receiver to verify the signature of the(More)
User authentication is a most important protocol in a distribution network. Those authentication schemes have been proposed for many years, and a one-time password authentication scheme is one of them. In 2004, Lin and Chang proposed a one-time password authentication scheme which is free from replay attacks, server spoofing attacks, off-line dictionary(More)
In this paper, we propose the Content-Aware Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm (CAFME) that can reduce computation complexity of motion estimation (ME) in H.264/AVC while maintaining almost the same coding efficiency. Motion estimation can be divided into two phases: searching phase and matching phase. In searching phase, we propose the Simple Dynamic Search(More)
We numerically investigate the optical birefringence and confinement loss of photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) with rectangular air holes using finite element method. Numerical results show that an extraordinarily high modal birefringence at λ= 1.55μm reaches 8.1× 10-2 and the confinement loss is less than 5×10-3 dB/km,(More)
In this article, we propose a publicly verifiable authenticated encryption scheme based on factoring and discrete logarithms. We point out that even if either factoring or discrete logarithms is broken, this scheme still could keep the authentication, integration, and confidentiality of the message.
BACKGROUND The clinical significance of influenza B is frequently overlooked, and reports on influenza B pneumonia in children are limited. Therefore, the clinical features of associated complications have rarely been reported. The aim of this study is to evaluate the clinical characteristics in pediatric patients with influenza B virus-associated(More)
We studied, numerically, the characteristics of the surface plasmon of a system consisting of several pair arrays of silver-shell nanocylinders. Effects from different numbers of pair arrays, illumination wavelengths, and the core refractive index of silver-shell nanocylinders are studied by using the finite-element method. Results show that the peak(More)
Group signature has been proposed for many years, those schemes are still not efficient. In 2002, Shi proposed a group signature scheme based on the discrete logarithm problem. In Shi's scheme, he claims that his scheme is efficient compared to previous proposed schemes. Although his scheme is better than others, the scheme is not secure. In this article,(More)
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