Chi-Yen Chen

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BACKGROUND Non-infection caused urticaria is a common ailment in adolescents. Its symptoms (e.g., unusual rash appearance, limitation of daily activities, and recurrent itching) may contribute to the development of depressive stress in adolescents; the potential link has not been well studied. This study aimed to investigate the risk of major depression(More)
In document layout analysis, the defining conditions for textlines and text regions involve certain numerical parameters (e.g. inter-character spacing and inter-textline spacing) whose values can only be estimated when textlines and text regions have already been formed. This seemingly chicken-and-egg problem can be solved through an adaptive regrouping(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Comorbid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms are highly prevalent among heroin-dependent patients. We aim to investigate differences in dependence severity, depression, and quality of life between heroin-dependent patients with and without ADHD-screened positive. METHODS Heroin-dependent participants (n =(More)
The document image converter is a necessity in our life for many reasons such as digitization of data in paper to secure them and gain time by automating this task, on the other hand preserving the environment by maintaining trees the first source of paper, for that this works based in a bi-cubic method for physical structure analyze and a graphs models(More)
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