Chi-Yao Tseng

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Recently, the huge number of email spams has caused serious problems in essential email communication. Traditional spam filters aim at analyzing email content to characterize the features that are commonly included in spams. However, it is observed that crafty tricks designed to avoid content-based filters will be endless owing to the economic benefits of(More)
Automatic semantic concept detection in video is important for effective content-based video retrieval and mining and has gained great attention recently. In this paper, we propose a general post-filtering framework to enhance robustness and accuracy of semantic concept detection using association and temporal analysis for concept knowledge discovery.(More)
Although there have been many recent studies on the mining of sequential patterns in a static database and in a database with increasing data, these works, in general, do not fully explore the effect of deleting old data from the sequences in the database. When sequential patterns are generated, the newly arriving patterns may not be identified as frequent(More)
Sequential pattern mining is an essential data mining technique that has been widely applied to many real world applications. However, traditional algorithms generally suffer from the scalability problem when dealing with big data. In this paper, we aim to significantly upgrade the scale and propose Sequential PAttern Mining algorithm based on MapReduce(More)
E-mail communication is indispensable nowadays, but the e-mail spam problem continues growing drastically. In recent years, the notion of collaborative spam filtering with near-duplicate similarity matching scheme has been widely discussed. The primary idea of the similarity matching scheme for spam detection is to maintain a known spam database, formed by(More)
This paper focuses on the problem of short text summarization on the comment stream of a specific message from social network services (SNS). Due to the high popularity of SNS, the quantity of comments may increase at a high rate right after a social message is published. Motivated by the fact that users may desire to get a brief understanding of a comment(More)
In this paper, an OFDM baseband receiver for DVB-T/H is presented. The receiver contains four synchronizations, an OFDM symbol synchronization, a carrier synchronization, a sampling clock synchronization and a scattered pilots synchronization. This paper proposes several novel designs to reduce the synchronization latency and hardware complexity. The(More)
Online social network services, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become increasingly popular recently. More and more users are accustomed to regularly reading the latest news feeds and interacting with friends on these social websites. However, when the number of friends increases to a large extent, users will receive hundreds of messages in a day and may(More)