Chi-Wu Huang

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Abstract-Hardware implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm has been in intensive discussion since its first publication by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2000, especially in high throughput over 1 Giga bits per second (Gbps). However, the studies of low area, low power and low cost implementations, which(More)
This paper presents an application of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) operations in image encryption and decryption. The encrypted cipher images always display the uniformly distributed RGB pixels. It looks like the noise of TV without signals. However, in some cases the ECB mode operation may appear a kind of pattern in the area related to the portion(More)
This paper presents the applications of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in audio and video signals. Like the ciphertext is completely different from the plaintext in AES operation, so the encrypted audio or visual signal should have the same effect. The experiments reveal the encrypted signals are so much different from the original ones that they become(More)
This paper presents an image encryption instead of text to observe the modified ECB mode operations in AES processing. If a plaint image contains some groups of identical colors, then the encrypted cipher image may appear some kinds of patterns at the related areas. This is a limitation of AES in ECB mode. To overcome the limitation, a straight forward(More)
The Intertwining of Human and Technological in a Digital Native Community (Laura Carletti) Performance of Serial Concatenated Convolutional Codes on Faded Channels (Sajjad Ahmed Ghauri, Muhammad Sajid Javaid, Hanan Adeel, Hasan Humayun) Image Observation on the Modified ECB Operations in Advanced Encryption Standard (Chi-Wu Huang, Ying-Hao Tu, Hsing-Chang(More)