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This paper proposes a model to estimate the packet loss probability in a mesh-based P2P network. Because of the irregular mesh structure, packet loss estimation for a mesh-based P2P network is more complicated than that in a tree-based network. The proposed model takes into account the channel packet drop rate, peer dynamics, and FEC protection to capture(More)
Classic signaling by the proinflammatory cytokine interleukin 6 (IL-6) involves its binding to target cells that express the membrane-bound IL-6 receptor α. However, an alternate signaling pathway exists in which soluble IL-6 receptor (sIL-6Rα) can bind IL-6 and activate target cells that lack mIL-6Rα, such as endothelial cells. This alternate pathway, also(More)
Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) causes a highly contagious disease in young chicks and leads to significant economic losses in the poultry industry. The capsid protein VP2 of IBDV plays an important role in virus binding and cell recognition. VP2 forms a subviral particle (SVP) with immunogenicity similar to that of the IBDV capsid. In the present(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effectiveness of prophylactic antibiotic therapy in reducing the incidence of post-ureteroscopic lithotripsy (URL) infections. METHODS A systemic search of PubMED was performed to identify all randomized trials that compared the incidence of post-operative infections in patients without pre-operative urinary tract infections who(More)
Among the clinical complications of mechanical heart valves (MHVs), hemolysis was previously thought to result from Reynolds stresses in turbulent flows. A more recent hypothesis suggests viscous dissipative stresses at spatial scales similar in size to red blood cells may be related to hemolysis in MHVs, but the resolution of current instrumentation is(More)
Stromal-epithelial interaction plays a pivotal role to mediate the normal prostate growth, the pathogenesis of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and prostate cancer development. Until now, the stromal androgen receptor (AR) functions in the BPH development, and the underlying mechanisms remain largely unknown. Here we used a genetic knockout approach to(More)
In recent years, the autonomous mobile robot has found diverse applications such as home/health care system, surveillance system in civil and military applications and exhibition robot. For surveillance tasks such as moving target pursuit or following and patrol in a region using mobile robot, this paper presents a fuzzy Q-learning, as an intelligent(More)
This paper proposes a hybrid sender/receiver-driven error protection scheme to transmit scalable video packets over packet-lossy peer-to-peer networks. In our scheme, given an estimated system uplink capacity, a joint source-channel coding (JSCC) mechanism based on receiver-driven subscriptions is proposed to minimize the visual distortion received by(More)