Chi-Wei Tseng

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Rendering photo-realistic animal fur is a long-standing problem in computer graphics. Considerable effort has been made on modeling the geometric complexity of fur, but the reflectance of fur fibers is not well understood. Fur has a distinct diffusive and saturated appearance, that is not captured by either the Marschner hair model or the Kajiya-Kay model.(More)
This poster proposes an IoT-enabled mobile e-learning platform to enhance the performance of a learning process (i.e., assembling of fragmented learning time for a trainee) and the efficiency of learning material management. The informatics framework and implementation methodology for the proposed platform are described in the poster. The proposed platform(More)
This study designed a learning system to facilitate elementary school students' fraction learning. An experiment was carried out to investigate how the system, which runs on multi-touch tabletop versus tablet PC, affects fraction learning. Two groups, a control and experimental, were assigned. Control students have learned fraction by using tablet PCs while(More)
Figure 1: A koala bear image with low resolution turns into one with high resolution after applying upscaling by local self-examples. Abstract Many super-resolution algorithms have been proposed for upscal-ing static images, yet upscaling video footages in real-time with descent quality remains a challenging problem. In this work, we started out developing(More)
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