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Rendering photo-realistic animal fur is a long-standing problem in computer graphics. Considerable effort has been made on modeling the geometric complexity of fur, but the reflectance of fur fibers is not well understood. Fur has a distinct diffusive and saturated appearance, that is not captured by either the Marschner hair model or the Kajiya-Kay model.(More)
Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) proposed the Machine Type Communication (MTC) communications technology for machines or devices to communicate with each other without human intervention. The characteristics of MTC communications are different from that of conventional Human-to-Human (H2H) communications. The execution of an MTC device is(More)
This poster proposes an IoT-enabled mobile e-learning platform to enhance the performance of a learning process (i.e., assembling of fragmented learning time for a trainee) and the efficiency of learning material management. The informatics framework and implementation methodology for the proposed platform are described in the poster. The proposed platform(More)
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is the emerging technology for automation applications without human intervention. The 3GPP organization defines Machine Type Communications (MTC) to enhance support of M2M devices. Due to a potentially massive number of coexisting MTC devices, achieving efficient device identifier (ID) management and signaling is(More)
Figure 1: A koala bear image with low resolution turns into one with high resolution after applying upscaling by local self-examples. Abstract Many super-resolution algorithms have been proposed for upscal-ing static images, yet upscaling video footages in real-time with descent quality remains a challenging problem. In this work, we started out developing(More)
This study designed a learning system to facilitate elementary school students' fraction learning. An experiment was carried out to investigate how the system, which runs on multi-touch tabletop versus tablet PC, affects fraction learning. Two groups, a control and experimental, were assigned. Control students have learned fraction by using tablet PCs while(More)
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