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We had previously demonstrated that opioid receptors contribute to the induction and expression of behavioral sensitization induced by repeated daily injection with 2.5 mg/kg of methamphetamine for 7 days. Using the same regimen, the present study investigated the alterations in mu-opioid receptor during the induction (on days 2, 5, and 8) and expression(More)
Repeated intermittent exposure to psychostimulants was found to produce behavioral sensitization. The present study was designed to establish a mouse model and by which to investigate whether opioidergic system plays a role in methamphetamine-induced behavioral sensitization. Mice injected with 2.5 mg/kg of methamphetamine once a day for 7 consecutive days(More)
Repeated administration of psychostimulants to rodents can lead to behavioral sensitization. Previous studies, using nonspecific opioid receptor (OR) antagonists, revealed that ORs were involved in modulation of behavioral sensitization to methamphetamine (METH). However, the contribution of OR subtypes remains unclear. In the present study, using mu-OR(More)
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