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—This paper introduces a singular value-based method for reducing a given fuzzy rule set. The method conducts singular value decomposition of the rule consequents and generates certain linear combinations of the original membership functions to form new ones for the reduced set. The present work characterizes membership functions by the conditions of sum(More)
The difficulty associated with the cultivation of most microorganisms and the complexity of natural microbial assemblages, such as marine plankton or human microbiome, hinder genome reconstruction of representative taxa using cultivation or metagenomic approaches. Here we used an alternative, single cell sequencing approach to obtain high-quality genome(More)
A simple and reliable procedure was developed to screen biocatalysts with high alcohol dehydrogenase activity, efficient internal coenzyme regeneration, and high stereoselectivity. The strategy of activity screening in a microtitre plate format was based on the detection of fluorescence of NAD(P)H originating from the oxidation of alcohols. The primary and(More)
To explore the physiological role and biocatalytic properties of short-chain dehydrogenases from Pseudomonas fluorescens GIM1.49, we cloned the structural gene pfd and characterized its over-expressed product. The length of gene pfd was 684 bp encoding a short-chain dehydrogenase with 227 amino acid residues and calculated molecular mass of 24.2 kDa. The(More)
The phosphate starvation response in bacteria has been studied extensively for the past few decades and the phosphate-limiting signal is known to be mediated via the PhoBR two-component system. However, the global DNA binding profile of the response regulator PhoB and the PhoB downstream responses are currently unclear. In this study, chromatin(More)
Modeling the binding of transcription factors helps to decipher the control logic behind transcriptional regulatory networks. Position weight matrix is commonly used to describe a binding motif but assumes statistical independence between positions. Although current approaches take within-motif dependence into account for better predictive performance,(More)
A general vorticity connnement term has been derived using dimensional analysis. The resulting vorticity connnement is a function of the local vorticity-based Reynolds-number, the local element size, the vorticity and the gradient of the absolute value of the vorticity. The vorticity connnement term disappears for vanishing mesh size, and is applicable to(More)
Information model is adopted to integrate factors of various geosciences to estimate the susceptibility of geological hazards. Further combining the dynamic rainfall observations, Logistic regression is used for modeling the probabilities of geological hazard occurrences, upon which hierarchical warnings for rainfall-induced geological hazards are produced.(More)
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