Chi-Shiang Chan

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The processing of simple least-signi"cant-bit (LSB) substitution embeds the secret image in the least signi"cant bits of the pixels in the host image. This processing may degrade the host image quality so signi"cantly that grabbers can detect that there is something going on in the image that interests them. To overcome this drawback, an exhaustive(More)
In this paper, a method is proposed to protect a secret image by applying (t, n) threshold scheme. The proposed method first divides the pixels in a four-pixel block into two groups. The first group contains the pixels whose one bit is used to embed authentication data, and the second group consists of the other pixels. One bit of each pixel in the second(More)
The significant essential of secret image sharing approaches is that the revealed content of the secret image must be lossless. Moreover, the distorted stego images can be reverted to the original cover image. In order to achieve these purposes, we first transform the secret pixels into the m-ary notational system. Then, the information data used to(More)