Chi-Sheng Jennie Chin

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The iron status of young Chinese Buddhist vegetarians (23 men and 32 women) and nonvegetarian students (20 men and 39 women from a medical college) was investigated by dietary assessment of iron intake and hematological measurement of biochemical indices including hemoglobin, plasma iron, transferrin, transferrin saturation and plasma ferritin. A(More)
Late diagnosis of HIV is associated with increased morbidity, mortality, and health care costs. Despite the availability of HIV testing, persons continue to test late in the course of HIV infection. We used the HIV/AIDS case registry of San Francisco Department of Public Health to identify and recruit 41 persons who developed AIDS within 12 months of their(More)
INTRODUCTION Accurate estimates of HIV incidence are crucial for prioritizing, targeting, and evaluating HIV prevention efforts. Using the methodology the CDC used to estimate national HIV incidence, we estimated HIV incidence in Los Angeles County (LAC), San Francisco (SF), and California's remaining counties. METHODS We estimated new HIV infections in(More)
A comparison was made between the hemostatic and lipid profiles of 55 young Chinese Buddhist vegetarians (23 men, 32 women) and 59 Chinese medical students (20 men, 39 women) aged 20-30 y. The modern Buddhist vegetarian diet is high in carbohydrate (63% of energy in men, 58% in women) and has a high polyunsaturated-saturated fatty acid ratio, with moderate(More)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released the first direct national estimate of HIV incidence. Local jurisdictions have begun to apply this methodology. The national and local estimates have been higher than assumed. When applied to San Francisco, there were 935 new HIV infections [95% confidence interval (CI) 658-1212] during 2006.(More)
OBJECTIVE Individuals diagnosed with AIDS within 12 months of HIV diagnosis have been considered "late testers." Prevalence estimates of late testers have been made using HIV/AIDS surveillance data, and high rates of late testing have been reported. However, studies evaluating this definition have not been conducted. We measured the degree of(More)
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