Chi-Pang Lam

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Healthcare electronics count on the effectiveness of the on-patient signal preprocessing unit to moderate the wireless data transfer for better power efficiency. In order to reduce the system power in long-time ECG acquisition, this work describes an on-patient QRS detection processor for arrhythmia monitoring. It extracts the concerned ECG part, i.e., the(More)
— In this paper, we propose an efficient algorithm to find an optimal control policy in a discrete-time hidden mode stochastic hybrid system, which is a special case of partially observable discrete-time stochastic hybrid systems in which only discrete states are hidden. Many human-centered systems can be modeled as such systems, in which the intent of the(More)
— Existing commercial driver assistance systems, including automatic braking systems and lane-keeping systems, may monitor the state of the vehicle or the environment to determine whether the systems should intervene. However, the state of the human driver is not typically included in the decision making process. In this paper, we propose to use hidden mode(More)
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