Chi Kwong Chan

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PURPOSE To compare infection rates associated with 2 dressing solutions for metal-skin interfaces. METHODS 60 patients who underwent distraction osteogenesis with external fixators were equally randomised into 2 dressing solution groups (diluted povidone-iodine vs. saline). Fixations were attained using either rigid stainless steel 5-mm diameter half pins(More)
This paper presents a speech-hiding framework that exploits spectral properties of the Fourier magnitude and phase of digital speech signals for the purpose of hiding secret speech messages inside other speech signals for secure transmissions over unsecured networks. The technique used exploits low-pass spectral properties of the speech magnitude spectrum(More)
The cortisol C-18 oxidation pathway leading to the production of 18-hydroxy- and 18-oxocortisol is expressed in adenomatous primary aldosteronism and glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism. In order to better define the significance of the pathway and its usefulness in differential diagnosis, we have developed a stable isotope dilution mass(More)
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