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Not only is Asia the most populous region in the world, but inappropriate therapy, including self-medication with over-the-counter antimicrobial agents, is a common response to infectious diseases. The high antibiotic selective pressure among the overcrowded inhabitants creates an environment that is suitable for the rapid development and efficient spread(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The etiologic mechanisms of young ischemic stroke in Chinese are largely unknown. This work thus studied the etiologies of young ischemic stroke in Taiwan Chinese and made a comparison with previous reports. METHODS From January 1997 to October 2001, a total of 264 consecutive young ischemic stroke patients (18 to 45 years old) were(More)
PURPOSE To analyze brain activation patterns in response to tests of working memory after a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). MATERIALS AND METHODS Research ethics committee approval and patient written informed consent were obtained. Brain activation patterns in response to n-back working memory tasks (n = 1, 2, 3) were assessed with functional(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma is now known to be an inflammatory response caused by the release of inflammatory mediators and cytokines. Tumour necrosis factor (TNF) is a potent cytokine in the inflammation response of the airway, and the polymorphisms of TNF genes have been associated with asthma. OBJECTIVE This study investigated two variants, TNF-alpha-308*2 and(More)
From August 2004 to July 2005, 210 clinical methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolates were collected prospectively from 173 children admitted to Chang Gung Children's Hospital in Taiwan. A comparative molecular analysis of the 111 community-associated (CA) isolates from 102 children and the 99 healthcare-associated (HA) isolates from 71(More)
AIM Chromium is an essential nutrient required for glucose and lipid metabolism. Laboratory and clinical evidences indicate that chromium supplementation may improve insulin sensitivity by enhancing intracellular signalling. Considerable evidence suggests that serine phosphorylation of insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS1) at 307 residue (IRS1-Ser307)(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the sensitivity and specificity of various magnetic resonance imaging findings for microcystic meningioma. METHODS Magnetic resonance images of 26 patients with microcystic meningioma (8 from our series and 18 from the literature) and 32 control subjects with other types of meningiomas were evaluated for obvious hypointensity(More)
CEACAM1 (carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1) is a type I transmembrane glycoprotein expressed in epithelial cells with three or four extracellular domains (ECDs) and either long or short cytoplasmic domain isoforms. We have previously shown that the four extracellular domains, short cytoplasmic domain isoform, CEACAM1-4S, plays an(More)
BACKGROUND We examined cervical cancer incidence before and after nationwide cervical cancer screening was initiated in Taiwan in mid-1995. RESULTS The invasive cancer incidence decreased by 47.8% during 1995-2006. The carcinoma in situ incidence increased 1.7-fold during 1995-2000, and decreased by 19.6% during 2000-2006. CONCLUSION The Taiwan national(More)
OBJECTIVES The effect of shockwave in osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) is poorly understood. The purpose of this study was to investigate the regeneration effects of shockwave in ONFH. METHODS This study consisted of 14 femoral heads from 14 patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty for ONFH. Seven patients with seven hips who received shockwave(More)