Chi-Hsiang Lin

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Clothes products contain many characteristics which are difficult to describe in keywords, such as texture, shape, or the relationship between object and space. Based on this issue, we develop an image-based visual clothing retrieval system, which extracts and uses the features of clothing images to find objects that are difficult to describe by text, or(More)
Medical quality indicator has become an asset in evaluating hospital and patient management. There are some issues with indicator data collection, arrangement, and presentation that are not fully resolved. In particular, one very important area is the medical information visualization that can effectively convey adequate two-way interpretation and(More)
The eye is the window of the soul. Without the input of visual information, the mobility for those with visual disability is much limited compared with people with healthy eyes. Surveys have revealed that approximately 39.2% of the visually disabled people in Taiwan desperately wish to return to the society and that the lack of mobility is one the major(More)
This Letter proposes a W-band OFDM RoF system at 103.5 GHz employing power detector to support vector signal down-conversion. Additional RF tone is generated and transmitted from central office to replace the local oscillator at a wireless receiver. With a proper frequency gap and power ratio between the RF tone and the OFDM-modulated signal, the impact(More)
The purpose of this design research is to develop a system to help users understand how Corporate Identity Systems (CISs) are developed. It is intended for designers, marketing professionals, and design clients. Within CIS, design is one of the most important elements. Trademarks, or logos, represent a set of values, ideas and often also emotions about an(More)
A directly modulated dual-mode laser diode (DMLD) with third-order intermodulation distortion (IMD3) suppression is proposed for a 60-GHz millimeter-wave over fiber (MMWoF) architecture, enabling new fiber-wireless communication access to cover 4-km single-mode-fiber (SMF) and 3-m wireless 16-QAM OFDM transmissions. By dual-mode injection-locking, the(More)
This study examined the photodecomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using TiO2 catalyst fabricated by the Submerged Arc Nanoparticle Synthesis System (SANSS). TiO2 catalyst was employed to decompose volatile organic compounds and compare with Degussa-P25 TiO2 in terms of decomposition efficiency. In the electric discharge manufacturing process,(More)
This Letter presents a V-band gapless orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) RoF system at 60 GHz employing a power detector to support vector signal down-conversion. Additional RF tone is generated and transmitted from a central station to replace the local oscillator at a wireless receiver for power detector down-conversion. To enhance the(More)