Chi-Hsiang Hung

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In this paper, we enhance the functionalities of Snort network-based intrusion detection system to automatically generate patterns of misuse from attack data, and the ability of detecting sequential intrusion behaviors. To that, we implement an intrusion pattern discovery module which applies data mining technique to extract single intrusion patterns and(More)
One of the killer applications for Radio frequency identification (RFID) system is the automatic identification of physical objects. To do that, each object must be labeled with a RFID tag containing identifying data. However, collisions occur when several tags send their data simultaneously. This paper proposes a secure scheme for zero-collision RFID tags(More)
To ensure the security of wireless sensor networks, it is important to have a robust key management scheme. In this paper, we propose a Quorum-based key management scheme. A specific sensor, called as key distribution server (KDS), generates a key matrix and establishes a quorum system from the key matrix. The quorum system is a set system of subsets that(More)
Compared with current distributed networks, Software defined networking is an innovative technology to manage networks by a centralized controller with global visibility. OpenFlow is one kind of SDN protocols. It provides flow-level controllability of network traffic to simplify the management of the administrators of data center. Flow control rules used by(More)
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