Chi-Hsiang Chen

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Rating interfaces are widely used on the Internet to elicit people's opinions. Little is known, however, about the effectiveness of these interfaces and their design space is relatively unexplored. We provide a taxonomy for the design space by identifying two axes: Measurement Scale for absolute rating vs. relative ranking, and Recall Support for the amount(More)
The green processing technology has been brought to the focus of attention around the world. The development and application of green cutting depend on the machine and cutting tool technology progress, in so far as the development of cutting tool technology has quite a big influence. The study was focused on the simulation analysis model for micro milling(More)
The flip chip ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (FC UV-LEDs) with a wavelength of 365 nm are developed with the ex situ reactive plasma deposited (RPD) AlN nucleation layer on patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) by an atmospheric pressure metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (AP MOCVD). The ex situ RPD AlN nucleation layer can significantly reduce(More)
Original scientific paper Due to rapid developments in the modern cutting technology, the demand for all kinds of high precision tools has been relatively increased. The final processing of tools denotes the grinding of the cutting edge which is known as the most important procedure. It is also a critical issue for determining the geometrical profiles,(More)
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