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The second order sequential best rotation (SBR2) algorithm has recently been proposed as a very effective tool in decomposing a para-Hermitian polynomial matrix R(z) into a diagonal polynomial matrix T(z) and a paraunitary matrix B(,z), extending the eigenvalue decomposition to polynomial matrices, R-(z) = B(z)T(z)~B(z). However, the algorithm results in(More)
We propose a new approach to precoding and equalisation for broadband MIMO channels by applying a broadband singular value decomposition to decouple a broadband MIMO system into independent frequency selective subchannels. In a second step, ISI present in the subchannels is eliminated using methods developed for SISO channels. Different from(More)
Oversampled filter banks have recently been considered for channel coding applications as well as precoders and equaliser, whereby both inter-symbol interference and channel noise can be mitigated by the filter bank design. Existing methods are block-based designs which dedicate degrees of freedom towards cancelling inter-block interference. In this paper,(More)
In this paper we propose a filter bank based design for jointly optimum precoding and block decision feedback equalisation. Precoding and equalisation using filter banks typically is block based, and redundancy needs to be injected into the transmission in order to avoid inter-block interference (IBI). We target the case where spectral efficiency demands(More)
Oversampled filter banks (OSFBs) have recently been considered for channel coding since their redundancy introduced into the transmitted signal permits more freedom in the design of joint transmitter and receiver. Further specifically, they can be exploited to transmit over low noise subspaces or even mitigate dispersiveness of the channel. In this paper we(More)
Block transmission is very efficient method to combat with inter-symbol interference. However, the way it uses the guard intervals reduces spectral efficiency of the system. In this paper, we propose a new approach to block transmission based precoding and equalisation for frequency selective channels. Different with standard block transmission schemes, our(More)
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M any Dirichlet-seriesoccurring in practicesatisfy an Euler-product,and ifthey do so,the Euler-productis often the easiestway to access the series. Therefore, itisim portantto deduce inform ation on the seriesfrom the Euler-productrepresentation. O ne ofthe m ostim portantapplications ofDirichlet-series,going back to Riem ann,istheasym ptoticestim ation(More)
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