Chi-Heng Hsieh

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This paper presents a scheme to detect building regions, followed by a reconstruction procedure. Airborne LIDAR data and aerial imagery are integrated in the proposed scheme. In light of the different buildings, we target the ones with straight and curvilinear boundaries. In the detection stage, a region-based segmentation and object-based classification(More)
LIDAR data contains plenty of height information, while vector maps preserve accurate building boundaries. From the viewpoint of data fusion, we integrate LIDAR data and large-scale vector maps to perform building modeling. The proposed scheme comprises six major steps: (1) preprocessing of LIDAR data and vector maps, (2) extraction of point clouds that(More)
In this study, we constructed the multispectral imaging by the reconstruction of spectral reflectance. This reconstruction method was based on natural neighbor interpolation, abbreviated as NNI. The experiments focused on the feasibility of the reconstruction of reflectance spectra with multispectral images, and the experimental targets were divided into(More)
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