Chi-He Chang

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One way to broadcast a popular/hot video is to let multiple users share a few channels. The stress on the scarce channels can be alleviated without sacrificing viewer waiting time. One common approach is to partition the video into fixed-length segments, which are broadcast on several channels periodically. Two representative approaches are the Fast(More)
Broadcasting is a prospective approach to support near video-on-demand services with light communication overhead. By letting clients share channels, such approaches involve partitioning a video into segments and repeatedly broadcasting these segments in multiple channels. An early paper proposed a broadcasting scheme called RFS (recursive frequency(More)
One way to broadcast a popular video is to use multiple channels, each broadcasting a portion of the video periodically. Among the many schemes falling in this category, this paper focuses on several representative schemes (such as FB [15], [18], Pagoda [22], [24], and RFS [26]), which all share a FSFC property by repeatedly broadcasting the First Segment(More)
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