Chi-Hao Chen

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Improving the endurance of PCM is a fundamental issue when the technology is considered as an alternative to main memory usage. In the design of memory-based wear leveling approaches, a major challenge is how to efficiently determine the appropriate memory pages for allocation or swapping. In this paper, we present an efficient wear-leveling design that is(More)
In this work, a highly structural dependent amperometric scheme was proposed for the determination of creatinine without enzymatic assistance. The principle of this novel method is based upon the formation of a soluble copper-creatinine complex on the copper electrode surface. Subsequently, an oxidative current from the regeneration of the surface oxide(More)
Improving PCM endurance is a fundamental issue when it is considered as an alternative to replace DRAM as main memory. Memory-based wear leveling (WL) is an effective way to improve PCM endurance, but its major challenge is how to efficiently determine the appropriate memory pages for allocation or swapping. In this article, we present a constant-cost WL(More)
Nonporous particles of microsize were prepared by the dispersion polymerization of styrene and glycidyl methacrylate and chemically modified to introduce amino groups on the surface by grafting with either hexamethylenediamine or N-methyl-1,3-propanediamine. Aminated particles were then coupled with phosphorylated single-stranded polynucleotides at the(More)
Cloud computing has become increasingly popular model for delivering applications hosted in large data centers as subscription oriented services. Hadoop is a popular system supporting the MapReduce function, which plays a crucial role in cloud computing. The resources required for executing jobs in a large data center vary according to the job type. In(More)
In this approach, a novel method to fabricate an integrated amperometric platform used in off-channel electrophoresis has been introduced. A simple screen printed protocol combining a wet etching procedure was used to define the pattern on a glass substrate, and whole electrodes were constructed by filling the conductive carbon ink into the etched cavities.(More)
This article described a novel amperometry which can be used for determination of purine derivatives including uric acid, xanthine, hypoxanthine, guanine, and adenine without surface contamination. By applying a constant potential of -0.125 V (vs. Ag/AgCl) in a flow injection system, the chelating capability of these purine derivatives converts the cuprous(More)
Financial statements of all listed and over the counter (OTC) companies collected by stock exchange represent valuable big open data. Therefore, automatic processing and analyzing such big data would create tremendous added value economically. In this paper, we design and implement a cloud service for evaluating company's financial health using XBRL-based(More)
In this work, we have developed a simple and reliable cobalt oxide (Co₃O₄) based amperometric sensor for the determination of NADH. A sheet shape Co₃O₄ nanooxide was synthesized by the CTAB assisted hydrothermal technique and was characterized by SEM and XPS. Owing to the redox property of Co₃O₄, the operating potential of NADH can be significantly reduced(More)
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