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Novel anticorrosion coatings prepared from polyaniline/graphene composites
We report on the exceptional application of polyaniline/graphene composites (PAGCs) for corrosion protection of steel. The composites display outstanding barrier properties against O2 and H2OExpand
A Carbon-Cotton Cathode with Ultrahigh-Loading Capability for Statically and Dynamically Stable Lithium-Sulfur Batteries.
Sulfur exhibits a high theoretical capacity of 1675 mA h g-1 via a distinct conversion reaction, which is different from the insertion reactions in commercial lithium-ion batteries. In considerationExpand
Advanced Anticorrosive Coatings Prepared from the Mimicked Xanthosoma Sagittifolium-leaf-like Electroactive Epoxy with Synergistic Effects of Superhydrophobicity and Redox Catalytic Capability
Novel anticorrosion coating materials were prepared by replicating fresh plant leaves; these materials had a synergistic effect of superhydrophobicity and redox catalytic capability. SuperhydrophobicExpand
Nanocasting technique to prepare lotus-leaf-like superhydrophobic electroactive polyimide as advanced anticorrosive coatings.
  • K. Chang, Hsin-I Lu, +8 authors J. Yeh
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • ACS applied materials & interfaces
  • 18 February 2013
Nanocasting technique was used to obtain a biomimetic superhydrophobic electroactive polyimide (SEPI) surface structure from a natural Xanthosoma sagittifolium leaf. An electroactive polyimide (EPI)Expand
Hierarchical sulfur electrodes as a testing platform for understanding the high-loading capability of Li-S batteries
Abstract Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries are considered as an attractive electrochemical energy storage system due to the high theoretical capacity of sulfur (1,675 mA h g −1 ). However, high-loadingExpand
Advanced anticorrosive coatings prepared from electroactive polyimide/graphene nanocomposites with synergistic effects of redox catalytic capability and gas barrier properties
In this study, electroactive polyimide (EPI)/graphene nanocomposite (EPGN) coatings were prepared by thermal imidization and then characterized by Fourier transformation infrared (FTIR) andExpand
Effective Stabilization of a High-Loading Sulfur Cathode and a Lithium-Metal Anode in Li-S Batteries Utilizing SWCNT-Modulated Separators.
A custom single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT)-modulated separator is employed to directly suppress the polysulfide migration and indirectly protect the lithium-metal anode from severe polysulfideExpand
A core–shell electrode for dynamically and statically stable Li–S battery chemistry
Sulfur is an appealing cathode material for establishing advanced lithium batteries as it offers a high theoretical capacity of 1675 mA h g−1 at low material and operating costs. However, theExpand
Ultra-lightweight PANiNF/MWCNT-functionalized separators with synergistic suppression of polysulfide migration for Li–S batteries with pure sulfur cathodes
A custom separator with an ultra-lightweight polyaniline nanofiber/multiwall carbon nanotube (PANiNF/MWCNT) coating has been utilized in lithium–sulfur (Li–S) batteries for investigating theExpand