Chi-Han Chiou

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This paper presents an electromagnetically actuated platform for automated sample preparation and detection of nucleic acids. The proposed platform integrates nucleic acid extraction using silica-coated magnetic particles with real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on a single cartridge. Extraction of genomic material was automated by manipulating(More)
This study reports a new three-dimensional (3-D) micromachined magnetic tweezers, fabricated using MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, for manipulating a single 2-nm diameter DNA molecule. The new apparatus uses magnetic forces to exert over 20-pN, with less heating compared to other methods, allowing the extension of the DNA molecule over(More)
This study presents a double-side diaphragm peristaltic pump for efficient medium transport without the unwanted backflow and the lagging effect of a diaphragm. A theoretical model was derived to predict the important parameter of the micropump, i.e., the motion of the valves at large deformations, for a variety of air pressures. Accordingly, we proposed an(More)
This study demonstrated the feasibility of utilizing electrokinesis in an electrodeless dielectrophoresis chip to separate and concentrate microparticles such as biosamples. Numerical simulations and experimental observations were facilitated to investigate the phenomena of electrokinetics, i.e., electroosmosis, dielectrophoresis, and electrothermosis.(More)
A novel whole-cell sensing chip system consisted of a micro-concentrator, a set of electrochemical detection electrodes, and a microfluidic channel was developed for rapid detection of arsenite in water. Firstly, the E. coli cells transformed with arsenited-regulated reporter plasmids were incubated with solution contained arsenite. Under this condition,(More)
We report a novel magnetic tweezers for manipulation of a single DNA molecule. The micromachined DNA manipulator can stretch and rotate a single DNA molecule using arrayed microcoils. Key platform technologies including localized DNA immobilization, microcoil fabrication and microfluidics, have been integrated to form the magnetic DNA tweezers. A single DNA(More)
This work demonstrated the feasibility of a new particle trapping and separation approach, based on an EDEP-based microfluidic chip. Experimental observations and numerical simulations were facilitated to investigate the phenomena of EO or DEF depended on the driving frequencies at a given constant electric field. The results not only revealed the fluid(More)
In this work, we manipulated recombinant yeast cells onto a sensing electrode by using hydraulic and electrophoretic force; and thus the current response of trace enzyme activity was increased in p-aminophenyl- • •-D-galactopyranoside (PAPG) solution. The recombinant yeast which can generate • •̲-galactosidase (•(More)
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