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High-performance DRs and filters are widely used in wireless and satellite communication systems due to their superior characteristics, such as high unloaded Q, excellent temperature stability, and smaller size compared to their air-filled counterpart. Temperature-stable high-Q dielectric materials with a wide range of dielectric constants from 20 to 100(More)
By replacing the inner conductor of the conventional combline resonator with a high /spl epsiv//sub r/ dielectric rod, higher unloaded Q of the resonator can be expected. Resonant frequency, unloaded Q and coupling coefficient of the resonator are obtained by rigorous mode matching method. An 8-pole elliptic function dielectric combline resonator filter is(More)
A general analysis method on power handling of the microwave band pass filter is presented. The total stored energy in each resonator of the filter is computed from the normalized general two-port network. By comparing the stored energy to the maximum electric field in the resonator, the power handling capacity of the filter can be accurately determined.(More)
A compact mixed modes cylindrical planar dielectric resonator filter in rectangular enclosure with excellent spurious free performance is presented. Space coupling between different mode's dielectric resonators and iris coupling between identical mode's dielectric resonators are realized in the filters. All couplings are computed by rigorous full wave mode(More)
Detent force in permanent-magnet (PM) linear machines is caused by both end effect and slot effect. Segregation of the detent force into its end-effect and slot-effect components is helpful to better analysis and design. For conventional PM linear machines, the end-effect component of detent force can be easily calculated in a related slotless linear(More)
An extremely wideband ridge waveguide filter is presented. The fractional bandwidth of the filter can be greater than 115%. An input and output transition from ridge waveguide to stripline and then to coax is also designed. The analysis is done with mode matching method and verified with Ansoft HFSS. For validation purpose, a test filter with pass band from(More)
A practical triple-mode dielectric monoblock band pass filter integrated with a wide bandwidth pre-select mask bandpass filter and a microstrip low pass filter for WCDMA base station application is presented. The dielectric monoblock triple-mode filter was designed and optimized using 3D EM simulation software incorporating the equivalent circuit model. The(More)