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A 3D burr puzzle is a 3D model that consists of interlocking pieces with a single-key property. That is, when the puzzle is assembled, all the pieces are notched except one single key component which remains mobile. The intriguing property of the assembled burr puzzle is that it is stable, perfectly interlocked, without glue or screws, etc. Moreover, a burr(More)
This paper introduces a method for optimizing the tiles of a quad-mesh. Given a quad-based surface, the goal is to generate a set of <i>K</i> quads whose instances can produce a tiled surface that approximates the input surface. A solution to the problem is a K-set tilable surface, which can lead to an effective cost reduction in the physical construction(More)
Although we can interactively rotate a 3D projected high-dimensional geometry and observe its dynamic changes, this traditional visualization method is limited and highly sensitive to the choice of viewing direction. Parallel-coordinates plots supplement this visualization scenario by providing statistical analysis of the geometry for distinct pairs of(More)
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