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  • Chi Cui
  • 2009
Per-pixel background estimation is very important for accurate tracking of biological structures in video microscopy. Mixture modeling of the background is hard due to less priors and heavy halo effects around the target biological structures in each frame. Since halos could have similar brightness and motion pattern to the foreground sometimes they are not(More)
  • Chi Cui
  • 2006
Since name card recognition based on built-in cameras has become popular people now pay more attention to the robustness and effectiveness of the system. In spite of the maturity of OCR some bottlenecks in lower processing level such as spatial correction and segmentation weak its power. Traditional models treating the card image as an orthogonal projection(More)
The distribution, directionality and motility of the actin fibers control cell shape, affect cell function and are different in cancer versus normal cells. Quantification of actin structural changes is important for further understanding differences between cell types and for elucidation the effects and dynamics of drug interactions. We propose an image(More)
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