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Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a technology that combines the simplicity of IP routing with the high-speed switching of ATM. Mobile IP is a protocol that allows users to move around and yet maintain continuous IP network connectivity. In this paper, we propose a scheme to integrate the Mobile IP and MPLS protocols. The integration improves the(More)
The Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol through which mobile stations can share a common broadcast channel is essential in an ad-hoc network. Due to the existence of hidden terminal problem, partially-connected network topology and lack of central administration, existing popular MAC protocols like IEEE 802.11 Distributed Foundation Wireless Medium Access(More)
This paper proposes a cascaded RLS-LMS predictor for lossless audio coding. In this proposed predictor, a high-order LMS predictor is employed to model the ample tonal and harmonic components of the audio signal for optimal prediction gain performance. To solve the slow convergence problem of the LMS algorithm with colored inputs, a low-order RLS predictor(More)
ÐOptimal distribution of divisible loads in bus networks is considered in this paper. The problem of minimizing the processing time is investigated by including all the overhead components that could penalize the performance of the system, in addition to the inherent communication and computation delays. These overheads are considered to be constant(More)
This paper presents Advanced Audio Zip (AAZ), a fine grained scalable to lossless (SLS) audio coder that has recently been adopted as the reference model for MPEG-4 audio SLS work. AAZ integrates the functionalities of high-compression perceptual audio coding, fine granular scalable audio coding, and lossless audio coding in a single framework, and(More)
C omputer networks are evolving to support multimedia applications with diverse performance requirements. To provide quality of service (QoS) guarantees to these applications and ensure that the agreed QoS is sustained, it is not sufficient to just commit resources since QoS degradation is often unavoidable. Any fault or weakening of the performance of a(More)