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Seniority of Authorship is shared among the first three authors. Abstract The world is moving toward efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Net emission reduction efforts may involve the agricultural sector through options such as planting of trees, crop and livestock management changes, and production of biofuels. However, such options can be(More)
—A new-design methodology for the design of optimal spread-spectrum sequences for asynchronous code-division multiple acces (A-CDMA) and chip-synchronous CDMA (CS-CDMA) systems is proposed. We derive general results on the partial auto-correlation function of the optimal spreading sequences for CS-CDMA and A-CDMA systems with respect to the minimization of(More)
Based on stochastic calculus, we provide a rigorous formulation for the numerical evaluation of the error probabilities of two modulation techniques for the chaotic Lorenz communication system with AWGN disturbance. These results provide further understanding on the robust synchronization ability of the Lorenz system to noise. The synchronization robustness(More)
Increasingly, natural resource policy makers and program administrators are requiring that analysis of proposed changes include estimates of both environmental and economic implications. That requirement poses a diculty for researchers since the spatial scale of models used for environmental analysis and for economic analysis are structured di€erently. In(More)
The Kyoto Protocol represents the first international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Proposed mitigation efforts may involve the agricultural sector through such options as planting trees, crop and livestock management changes, and biofuels production. The combined use of these strategies could substantially reduce net emissions of carbon(More)
This paper compares the impacts of SARS and human deaths arising from Avian Flu on international tourist arrivals to Asia. The effects of SARS and human deaths from Avian Flu will be compared directly according to human deaths. The nature of the short run and long run relationship is examined empirically by estimating a static line fixed effect model and a(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effect of crude oil price on global fertilizer prices in both the mean and volatility. The endogenous structural breakpoint unit root test, ARDL model, and alternative volatility models, including GARCH, EGARCH, and GJR models, are used to investigate the relationship between crude oil price and six global(More)