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Time-Optimal Control of a Hovering Quad-Rotor Helicopter
The time-optimal control problem of a hovering quad-rotor helicopter is addressed in this paper. Expand
Adaptive terminal sliding mode control subject to input nonlinearity for synchronization of chaotic gyros
A novel adaptive terminal sliding mode (ATSM) controller associated with time-varying feedback gains can tackle nonlinear dynamics according to the novel adaptive rules without known the magnitudes of bounded non linear dynamics. Expand
Analytical solution of 3D true proportional navigation
The commanded acceleration applying in the direction normal to the line of sight (LOS) between the interceptor and its target is called true proportional navigation (TPN). The main goal of this workExpand
Potential antioxidant properties and hepatoprotective effects of an aqueous extract formula derived from three Chinese medicinal herbs against CCl(4)-induced liver injury in rats.
The hepatoprotective effects of an aqueous extract formula (AEF) derived from Artemisia capillaris, Lonicera japonica and Silybum marianum (ratio 1:1:1) were evaluated by its antioxidant propertiesExpand
Adaptive synchronization of Lü hyperchaotic system with uncertain parameters based on single-input controller
The adaptive synchronized problem of the four-dimensional (4D) Lü hyperchaotic system performed by Elabbasy et al. (Chaos Solitons Fractals 30:1133–1142, 2006) with uncertain parameters by applyingExpand
Minimal energy maneuvering control of a rigid spacecraft with momentum transfer
We investigate a minimal energy rest-to-rest maneuvering control problem with open final time of a rigid spacecraft actuated by three orthogonal momentum wheels. Expand
A unified approach to proportional navigation
In this paper, the two major classes of proportional navigation (PN), namely, true proportional navigation (TPN) and pure proportional navigation (PPN) are analyzed and solved by a unified approach.Expand
Time-optimal maneuvering control of a rigid spacecraft
Abstract The time-optimal rest-to-rest maneuvering control problem of a rigid spacecraft is studied in this paper. By utilizing an iterative procedure, this problem is formulated and solved as aExpand
Influences of superheated steaming and roasting on the quality and antioxidant activity of cooked sweet potatoes
Summary Roasted sweet potato is a popular food because of the attractive aroma produced by the Maillard reaction. However, the roasting process may lead to charred skin. Cooking with superheatedExpand
Anti-hyperlipidemic activity of spider brake (Pteris multifida) with rats fed a high cholesterol diet
This study evaluates the possible potency of the anti-hyperlipidemic effect of spider brake [(Pteris multifida Poiret (Pteridaceae)]. We investigated this by feeding the hyperlipidemic Sprague-DawleyExpand